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Prom Committee

Selection of the Prom Committee is your first, and most important step in planning a great prom. 

Many schools have the basic organization that handles the planning of the prom which includes the Class Officers and the Student Senate. Other schools form a separate Prom Committee to plan this great event. 

In setting up your Prom Committee you want to include every group in the school. You will need a variety of talents to help form your main committee and its subcommittees. The overall Chairman or Co-Chairmen should have the ability to foster cooperation among committee members, and should be able to oversee and motivate committee members.


To make your full committee meetings more productive, you should consider breaking your main committee into subcommittees. The subcommittees can research their areas of responsibility and report back to the main committee with selections of options that can be voted on.  Here are some suggestions for subcommittees:

Budget Committee

Plans the budget for the prom, oversees all expenditures, works with the Fund-raising Committee, and sets the suggested ticket price for the prom.

Chaperone and Security Committee

Contacts the parents and teachers who will assist in chaperoning the proms and arranges for security at the prom.

Clean up Committee

If the prom is to be held at school, this committee arranges for the people to be available to clean up the school after the prom.

Decorations Committee

This committee chooses the decorations that fit the theme of the prom and arranges for the decorations to be put in place at the prom site.

Entertainment Committee

Arranges for the DJ or the band, the light show, selects the special music and songs for the prom, arranges for the announcer and master of ceremonies, and arranges for the program of events.

Favors Committee

Researches the favors/souvenirs that will be given at the prom (frames, photo albums, glassware, stuffed animals) and presents its findings to the main committee.  Some inexpensive items include Imprinted Photo Keytags.

Menu Committee

The Menu committee works with the caterer to develop a menu for the prom and provide for all of the food and beverages to be served at the prom.

Fund Raising Committee

The Fund Raising Committee researches all of the Fund Raising activities that will be held to help with the expenses of the prom.

Location Committee

This committee picks the site or the facility that will host the prom. This can be a local catering hall, restaurant, or even at the school.

Photographs Committee

The Photographs Committee works with your photographer to set the packages that will be offered and set the background that will be used for the prom couple, individual, and group photographs.

Programs, Memory Books Committee

The Program. Memory Book Committee works with the Entertainment Committee to finalize the program of events for the prom, and prepares all of the information to be submitted for the printing of the program or memory book.

Post Prom Party Committee

The Post Prom Committee works with all of the organizations and volunteers who will produce the post prom events, party, or breakfast.

Ticket Committee

The Ticket Committee chooses the information that will be on the prom ticket, sends that to the printer, sets up a schedule to sell prom tickets, and keeps track of the tickets that are sold.

Theme and Colors Selection Committee

The Theme and Colors Selection Committee researches prom themes and colors used at the prom, sets up a system for choosing the selections and voting on the final selection.

Set up Committee

The Set Up Committee arranges for the facility to be set up for the prom, and the people who will assist with the set up.

Advertising and Posters Committee

The Advertising and Poster Committee arranges for the information of the prom to be communicated to the students who would like to attend. This could include announcements at school and posters and assemblies.

Royal Court Selection Committee

The Royal Court Committee organizes the method and the balloting that will select the Royal Court for the Prom.

All of these Committees research their subject and report back to the main committee. They work with other committees to insure that their part of the proms fits with the theme and style of the rest of the prom. This spirit of cooperation and teamwork will make the planning go smooth, add to the excitement of the prom, and will make the planning fun.

Many schools get the entire school involved including the Parent Teacher Organization, the SADD Chapter, the Art Department, and some of the school shops.

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Prom Sashes Ready to Ship

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