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Everyone loves flowers on special occasions. Your date will be thrilled when you bring him/her the final touch for her/his prom outfit. 

Florists offer services which will make your selection a pleasant experience.

A floristís artistic specialties range from simple bouquets and corsages to a single rose. Or choose flowers and decorations which coordinate with your prom theme.

Visit your local florist for creative ideas for your prom and personal assistance. 


It is customary for the boy to buy a corsage for his date. It can be a pin-on type, or one she can wear around her wrist. Some even buy a small bouquet  that a girl can carry in her hand or a display of roses to rest in her arm. 

It is a good idea to know what color dress your date is wearing so that the flowers that you choose do not  clash.    Additionally, it would be good to know what her favorite flower(s) are.

Some couples like to go together and choose the flowers. 


Customarily girls buy a boutonniere for their dates. Usually it is a pin-on carnation or rose with baby's breath to be worn traditionally on the right lapel. You may want to order this at the same time your date orders your corsage. Some florists will offer a  package deal if you order the two items together. 

Wearing Flowers

Flowers are always worn in the same direction that they grow, so they will be pointed upward rather than down.  Corsages and boutonnieres are worn on the same side as the heart.

Royal Sashes - Ready to Ship

What do they mean?

Here's a list of a few flowers and their common meanings:

carnation - constancy, joy

chrysanthemum - optimism, hope, happiness

daisy - purity, loyalty, innocence

fern - secret bond of love

freesia - trust

gladiola - remembrance

iris - faith, wisdom, promise

larkspur - appreciation

lily - devotion

orchid - love, beauty

red rose - true love, desire

white rose - true love, purity 

yellow rose - friendship

pink rose - sweetness

tulip - love at first sight

snapdragon - virtue

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Prom Sashes Ready to Ship

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